"If you try to build your life without building a solid foundation first, you will always fall down when the strong winds of life come by."
- Kim White

Transforming lives using simple processes

Freedom from stress to freedom for growth

  • Always be real in what you do

    Always be real in what you do

    “Fake it till you make it” allows a person to never make it because they are never real. If you want to transform your life from Financial Stress, you have to be real and honest with yourself.

  • Rich or Poor, it works for all

    Rich or Poor, it works for all

    These processes work for everyone no matter how rich or how poor you are. I have had poor students, people in debt and millionaires transform their lives by following this simple process.

  • An acorn becomes an oak tree

    An acorn becomes an oak tree

    When you start planting your small seeds each week, over time it will grow into a solid foundation as strong as an oak tree. This will transform your life and the lives of future generations.

  • It’s not about the money!

    It’s not about the money!

    Even though money is used as a tool in this process, the transformation happens in your unconscious and one day you will realize that you have become the master of money instead of its slave.

  • Freedom from Stress becomes Freedom to Grow

    Freedom from Stress becomes Freedom to Grow

    Exponential growth and transformation happens deep within your mental, emotional and physical body once you pass your personal Critical Mass.

  • You transform your relationships

    You transform your relationships

    When you achieve your ultimate goal, your personal energy changes. Your relationships transform as others feel your personal strength and foundation and your credibility increases.

Comments from people who did it!

Building my foundation account definitely seems to help the 'feeling' of having more security in my body.
Jane W.
Jane W.
I had goose bumps when I read how after couple of months you realized it wasn't about money but about how you felt!!! Wow!!
Peter S.
Peter S.
And it seems to be working. I now use a wallet (I have not had one for over 5 years) and keep my bills and coins and cards organized in it. I look forward to collecting the coins I have chosen to build with every time I pay with cash and get change. Business is building. I feel stronger at my centre. And I am excited to watch for signs of progress.
My foundation is going great. I’m loving this. Thanks so much.
Jane D.
Jane D.
Really nice touch for the future generations... Gives me some ideas that can help the entire family
Jennifer W.
Jennifer W.
Money is simply a medium for exchange of energy that we use in our modern world - love it!!! Never thought of money that way :)
Mary A.
Mary A.

I love the saying “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!” This book is a fishing instruction manual.

Kim White

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